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Many individuals who want to achieve lifetime health and fitness satisfaction fall into the biggest mistake of imitating the Pro body builders. Some jump into heavy and strenuous exercises right away without knowing the nature of their bodies. Doing exercise routines without good knowledge of how to build muscles would not make these people achieve what they want.

Any average individual needs a different approach in muscle building. One must prevent physical and mental overtraining by doing exercise routines too much and too soon. Here is some effective tips on how to build muscles and achieve lifetime health and fitness satisfaction:
  1. Build your muscularity. More muscles means more strength. Strength training is one of the best exercises in building those muscles. One of the best strength training exercises is weight lifting since it allows an individual to start from light and add weight when one progresses. Body-weight exercises are good too.
  2.  Choose free weights. Free weights are safer that machines since they replicate natural body motions rather than unnatural movement patterns caused by machines. Free weights are efficient since it forces one to control and balance the weights to build more muscles.
  3. Perform multiple exercises. Isolation exercises are good once a person has built the base strength and muscle mass. However, if one is starting, doing multiple or compound exercises are better since more muscles are involved in the process. 
  4. Train the lower parts of the body. Legs are also the important parts of the body. In working with legs, squats are the best exercise. One can totally look different when he can free weight squat 1.5 times his body weight. Free weight squat means squatting with hips coming lower than the knees. Leg training should never be neglected when it comes to achieving lifetime health and fitness satisfaction.
  5. Do full body workouts. It is good to reserve a day to three days to go into intense cardio training. This improves ones cardiovascular endurance, blood circulation, and keeps body parts well functioning and help reduce stomach fats. One must not eat before intense cardio training so that the body will be forced to tap its stored fats and energy. A 45-minute to 1-hour cardio is already good enough.
The most crucial in any workout is the attitude. One must persevere, commit, and be determined to reach his goals. One must know that lifetime health and fitness satisfaction will never be achieved in a day, but it is a lifetime commitment to stay healthy.

Posted by Benjamin Robert Johnson on Monday, June 7, 2010


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