Name: Benjamin Robert Johnson

Location: Greenville, Texas, USA

Postal code: 75401

Status: Engaged

Occupation: Public Health educator

Current education: Masters in Public Health

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Message from the Author:
          I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude of reading my blog articles and posting some comments. I really want to communicate and share ideas with my blog visitors. As a public health educator, it is my advocacy to give awareness to the public on critical health concerns and issues circulating around the community. My current education brought me to build this blog in order to reinforce and reach out to more individuals around the world. I do hope that I am of help with you and my opinions are regarded with respect. All things that I have shared here are comes from my experiences, both theoretical and real-life.

         Thank you very much and may you have a active life boosting with good health, energy and vigor.

Lifetime Health Tips Disclaimer

Lifetime health tips blog talks about the ideas and insights of the author about health in general. The intention of this blog is for educational purposes and to give awareness to people about the current happenings in the community and its impact on health. However, the author emphasizes that he is a public health educator and not a medical practitioner, so, he does not intend to treat, prevent, or cure diseases using the information in this blog. Any information used in this blog is at the own risk of the reader. He also believes that the best health check-ups are done in person and not online. It is still preferable to consult licensed health care practitioners if they have some questions and concerns, and this must be done in person. The author only wishes to share his ideas, insights, and thoughts on what he learned from his master’s studies in public health.

Posted by Benjamin Robert Johnson on Sunday, January 3, 2010
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