Many lifetime health and wellness experts said that eating fast is an easy ticket to easily get fat. There was a study conducted of more than 3000 Japanese adults with findings that those who ate their meals quickly have bigger tendencies to get obese twice compared to their slow-eater counterparts. This finding was published in the British Medical Journal.

People who eat quickly and who eat until they are satisfied were three times having more tendencies to become more obese. There are many ways why you have more urge to eat fast. Many people have lifetime health concerns due to eating fast foods, anxieties, stress, and other behavioral problems.

The role of ghrelin and leptin in the body:

Ghrelin is a hormone produced at the fundus of your stomach and the epsilon cells of the pancreas. Ghrelins are the ones that stimulate hunger to the human body. Ghrelin levels increases before meals while it decreases after meals.

Is there a health plan to lessen the production of ghrelin in the body? Well, many health experts could not make good judgments about that. However, the production of ghrelin can be monitored by evaluating your lifestyle. If you are under stress, depression, or lack of sleep then you produce more ghrelin. This is the body’s way of signaling your system to ingest more nutrients in order to cope up difficult circumstances; if you do not eat the right foods during hungry moments then the more you get fat. This is not a worthy health habit to practice. If you are busy then find time to make enough rest and sleep and avoid depressing or stressful activities.

Leptin on the other hand is a hormone that signals your body that you are already full. The role of leptin is to regulate energy intake and energy expenditure including appetite and metabolism.

Thus, the moment that you eat is the moment that your body also produces leptin. However, if your eating rate is greater than the rate of your body’s leptin production then you tend to eat more in order to be satisfied. This is why fast eaters get fat easily. As a good habit, make this a lifetime health concern to reminder so you would not do the mistakes of eating fast.

Posted by Benjamin Robert Johnson on Saturday, January 16, 2010


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