Food is the primary ingredient for an excellent lifetime health condition. But how do you really get the right foods? Can eating the right kinds of food prevent diseases? In the modern times, still, many scientists continue to explore and research about foods. Scientists find out that there are thousands of natural chemicals in foods that give them preventive powers against diseases. Unfortunately, only less natural chemicals are consumed daily due to our intake of processed foods. Processed foods contain isolated chemicals that are harmful to one’s health condition. This only means that best nutrition comes from natural foods. 

One of the common foods that we eat everyday comes from tomatoes like ketchups, sauces and other juices. Unlike other kinds of foods, tomatoes when processed release lycopenes, considered as one of the most powerful anti-oxidants among the carotenoids (compounds which turn fruits and veggies into deep orange). Lycopene is even more effective in getting rid of free radicals compared to beta-carotene. Cooked or processed tomatoes in catsups, soups and sauces reduce negative health concerns like prostate cancer and other diseases in the digestive tracts. The good news about processed tomatoes is that they are most easily absorbed when little oil is added like the ones food in pizzas. On the other hand, natural tomatoes can also strengthen the blood vessels and even get rid of free radicals.

The wonder of tomatoes is that they are useful whether processed or natural. Natural tomatoes are good sources of Vitamin C while processed ones are good sources of lycopene – both of equal importance. Tomatoes contain lifetime health benefits of improving your blood condition and your digestive system. Eat the right amount of tomatoes   everyday. Eating 2-3 tomatoes can give you lifetime health benefits.

Posted by Benjamin Robert Johnson on Saturday, January 30, 2010


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