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Several things are involved when it comes to lifetime health and fitness eating habits. Maximum fat loss or weight loss can never be achieved once you cannot create the best diet there is to compliment your workout routines and supplement intakes. Health nutrition is the basics of getting the right fats for the body and not getting any excess of it – keeping your body in balance.

Here are the basic strategies on how to get lean, and maximize fat loss and weight loss results to your body with the premise that you exercise regularly. Here is the grab of these effective eating strategies for fat loss:

Create a meal plan. Of course, the first step of the week. Create a meal plan of what you need to eat for a week. Know the foods that you need to eat that are fitting to nourish your body from your daily activities. Always allot a cheat day if you want to eat unhealthy foods and to stop your cravings. Then buy the exact foods that you have planned to eat for a week; in this way, no food is in excess in the fridge and you would not be tempted to sneak in and get foods whenever you are craving.

Eat 5 to 6 times a day. Divide you heavy meals into 5 to 6 small meals a day. In this manner, your body is constantly nourished by the food and it gives more room for metabolism in order to break down your food.

Eat more proteins. If you want to get lean muscles fast, achieve weight loss but at the same time be more muscular, then eat more protein that carbs. The ideal gram of protein intake for a day is your weight in pounds multiply by 1.25 and that is the amount of protein you need to eat (weight in pounds x 1.25 = grams of daily protein intake)

lifetime health and fitness build muscles fastEat more cruciferous vegetables. Nothing beats the greens especially the leafy ones like broccolis, kales, cabbages, horse radishes, and etc. Proteins make your body acidic and these vegetables counter that effect. More so, green leafy vegetables cleanse and detoxify the liver since they are rich in micronutrients and fiber.

Don’t shy away from starches. Starches are good to eat especially after workouts. However, you must be very cautious if you eat them in balance or not. If you want to get lean and increase muscle size then eat some starches after your workout. Healthy starches can come from beans, quinoa, sweet potatoes, brown rice, etc.

Eat dense foods but low in calories. Eat foods that are rich in nutrients but are low in calories. Spinach, lettuce, cabbage, egg whites, and broccolis are good examples but just make sure that you are not making a meringue out of the egg whites or you are not adding sour creams and other unhealthy additives to these foods.

Drink water. Know the lifetime health weight loss benefits of water. Water is essential to keep your muscles, metabolism, and nutrients in balance. You must drink ounces of water daily using this formula: your weight in pounds x 0.6 = ounces of water that you need daily.

Eat the right fats. Do not totally abhor fats, you still need them to lubricate your joints, keep you warm, and give you energy. However, eat the right kinds and amount of fats. Read food labels, stay away from trans fats, consume less saturated fats, and take in more monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Flaxseed oils, olive oils, fish oils, and nuts are good sources of healthy fats.

Lastly, have fun and do not be too strict on your eating habits. Never go loco with what you eat and calculate how much you eat all the time. Just create a lifetime health and fitness commitment that you are going to follow these guidelines a step at a time if you are struggling until you make them your habits.

Posted by Benjamin Robert Johnson on Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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