lifetime health benefits of water
Pure water is the most essential substance to keep our body healthy. Around the world, the supply of water does not dwindle. Animals and humans may take in water but they also excrete them. Now how come that we have a diminishing water supply? This is because our supply of potable water has greatly diminished and this triggered a lot of changes in our lifetime health condition.

To start with, pure water comes into 100% hydrogen and oxygen that is free from toxins and inorganic minerals. The freshest source of drinkable water is from fresh and organically-grown fruits and vegetables with their juices. Nature has its way to purify them. Another source is the distilled and purified water from steam. And lastly, rain water that comes down through unpolluted and clean air. These are the purest way of getting the freshest water on Earth. However, we do not have these privileges now.

Fruits and vegetables are sprayed with inorganic substances that can harm our health; steam water coming from unpolluted sources are difficult to find and is not enough to supply human consumption; and our atmosphere has been greatly polluted that we are no longer sure that rain waters are still potable to drink. Even our mineral springs are polluted with chemicals coming from fertilizers and other inorganic chemicals.

How do we get the clean water now? Even water supply coming from water stations and refilling stations cannot not even perfectly ensure that they have a clean source of water. America even has fluoride fiasco controversies. Whatever it is, it is essential to get the purest kind of water. To when and how to acquire it, that is our health individual problem.

Anyways, this blog discusses on what pure waters' benefits are, these include:
    lifetime health benefits of water
  • Body tissues and body cells when well hydrated and are kept with ample supply of water can efficiently fight against viral attacks. On the contrary, if the body cells are starved of water, viruses and bacteria can easily penetrate to our body. This is the reason why doctors always advice us to get enough rest and water if we have some fever, colds, or flu.
  • Pure water is the transportation medium to all the nutrients we get from the food we eat. If we do not drink enough water, then the nutrients will be less absorbed by our body and will just be flushed off in our system. Water is the essential component to our body cells, tissues, blood, lymph and glandular secretions. Lack of water results to dysfunctional effects of these body components.
  • Pure water flush out toxins and excess salt in our body. Nowadays we can even witness that high blood pressure, kidney troubles, arthritis, and arteriosclerosis are prevalent even in younger generations. This is because we drink less water and more on other intoxicating fluids. We prefer sweetened drinks and colas over pure water.
  • Pure water unclogs our bloodstream and normalizes our blood flow. Without pure water, we will suffer the effects of high cholesterol and even obesity. Pure water helps our body flush out unnecessary substances.
  • Pure water makes our body cells healthier since it prevents dehydration. Wrinkles in face and neck, and other age lines are due to dehydrated cells caused by environmental pollution and lack of pure water intake. Pure water really makes you younger!
  • Pure water can help in normalizing our nervous system and our mental set up. In contrary, instead of drinking pure water, what we mostly do when we are upset, worried, frustrated, having those ill feelings and hang ups is that we dope ourselves with unhealthy foods, alcohol, artificial flavored teas, coffee, colas and other soft drinks that can only complicate our nervous condition. These unhealthy drinks become burning toxic acids to our stomach and can even worsen our nervous system and can trigger many other health problems. 
  • Without pure water and just water, we can never get the maximum health benefits compared to pure water. Water containing inorganic substances can even make us weaker and lowers our survival. Thus, be sure that the water you drink is pure.
Drinking enough pure water (minimum of 8 glasses) together with good exercise, sufficient and quality sleep, and good mental attitude can make you live longer, younger, and more active throughout your days. This is a challenge to all; if you can pass all these conditions then you gain lifetime health benefits like no other.

Posted by Benjamin Robert Johnson on Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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  1. Eat foods that are unprocessed like fruits, green leafy vegetables, ginger, garlic, onions, flaxseed, olive oil, whole oats and barley, nuts, legumes, and salmon since these can detoxify your liver.


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