Men’s sexual and lifetime health concern is often a sensitive issue or a taboo in the modern society. Men are usually concern about their sexuality but they never openly express them. Men’s sexual  health concerns are confined issues that are often dealt individually. Some men do boast about their sexual performance but it does not end up in satisfying a partner. Sexuality is not about mere sex; it is about the holistic masculinity of a person that is neither expressed by brutality or show of force.

The mass media often gives information about sexuality but not all of them are reliable. Some even portrayed the wrong way of perceiving sexuality. With all honesty, the definition of sexual health is relative. This means that it is dependent upon the individual himself. Some may perceive sexual health in a saintly or astute manner, other may be villainous, and some may have a broad perspective about it. However, there are common threads the bind men’s sexual health, these are: psychological and physical facts.

The first factor is the psychological factor. The feeling of a proud sexuality is healthy. It is in the understanding that every man has a different approach to his sexuality. And none is superior to the other. Men’s sexuality is not measured on penis size or body muscle size. Again, it is all in the mind. In order to have a healthy sexuality, every man must feel proud of his body, be not ashamed of his sex drive and sexual desires, or even maintain his sexual function. Having a satisfied and pleased perspective of sex is an important principle to achieve good health individual condition on sexuality.

Many men do not understand what sexual health is all about and how to gauge if he is sexually healthy or not. Indeed, there is no straight answer with as clear as a YES or a NO. Men’s sexual health is the combination of his psychological, biological, and interpersonal sexual energy towards self satisfaction, being comfortable and meaningful. Thus, it is all about the feeling of being confident and strong about one’s self. Sexuality is an essential part of a man’s personality that is expressed in the things that he does. It is the psychic energy that creates physical and emotional expression in the need for contact, warmth, compassion, eroticism, and love. This is the all encompassing energy that gives man a balanced self-confidence and strength.

Every health individual concern about sexuality must be addressed with the right frame mind. A healthy sexuality is not just shown physically but primarily, it is shown psychologically. Sexuality is a lifetime health concern that cannot be addressed in an instance; this is a continuous cycle of discipline and sexual control.

Posted by Benjamin Robert Johnson on Saturday, February 6, 2010


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