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The lifetime health benefits of green tea have been passed down from hundreds of generations. Green tea has been discovered in China with records dated around 5000 years ago. If the western civilization was so akin with coffee then the eastern civilization does also with tea. From those years until now, the health benefits of green tea has been well explored and affirmed by thousands of habitual tea drinkers all over the world.

Perhaps now you already have a clue of the health benefits of green teas. But we will just elaborate to you in details why this green tea has become a modern health craze for various positive health effects and reasons.

First, green tea contains polyphenols which is a class of phytochemicals with around a hundred times the antioxidant punch of vitamin C. These polyphenols are called catechins. An antioxidant prohibits oxidation of molecules that can produce free radicals to damage other cells. In short, antioxidants aids in protecting the cells from damage.

Laboratory experiments also prove that catechins may inhibit the growth of cancer-causing blood vessels by depriving these vessels of nourishment. Catechins may also prevent damages in the DNA caused by carcinogens (the cancer-causing substances). A study in China also gives tribute to the health benefits of green tea in lowering the risk of stomach, esophageal and liver cancers.

The habitual drinking of green tea leads to numerous benefits especially to the digestive system. A study in Japan also shows that 10 cups of tea a day may reduce heart disease. If 10 cups is too much to drink, green tea used as a mouthwash can even inhibit the growth of cavity-causing bacteria. Thus, worry no more about any health individual concern on cavities and bad breath.

lifetime health benefitsThe wonders of green tea do not end in cleansing the inside. Laboratory experiment also shows that green tea when applied to skin can lessen the incidence of skin cancer.

Drinking green tea is really beneficial. Other scientists have also studied the lifetime health benefits of other teas and suspect that more or less they are the same, only the tastes and aromas are different. On the other hand, green tea flavored drinks have other health concerns attributed to them. These green teas are served chilled and are sweetened. You may get the benefits of green teas but you may also get other illnesses due to other substances in the drinks. It is still advisable to make the best out of the naturally brewed ones rather than the chilled and sweetened ones even if you do not like the taste.

The most important information to know in this post is not about drinking green tea to get its health benefits. All studies showing the health benefits of green teas were taken by people who are habitual tea drinkers. Thus, to harness the powers of green teas, make it a daily habit to drink tea. It may not total to 10 cups but make it a habit.

Posted by Benjamin Robert Johnson on Sunday, February 7, 2010

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  1. My dentist has also told me that drinking tea is also helpful because it has an element to make our teeth stronger. Like coffee, tea has antioxidants which prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body.


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