lifetime health tips for flat abs and weight loss
Many are dying to have the flat abs that they wish and at the same time lose weight effectively. However, most tried but only a few succeed in their weight loss and flattening-the-abs program. It is because many people do not know the reason behind their biological body system and the right method of doing exercises. Having a sexy body is not just the target of this post but more so, it is on the lifetime health benefits that an individual can get.

Know our body and the fats behind it
Fat cells play an important role to your body. These cells enable us to store energy whenever we have limited intake of food. This is our mechanism of survival which originates even 10,000 years ago. In contrary, our modern living today does not require us to store that amount of fat to survive. In developed areas, urban places and even some places reached by industrialization, food is abundant.

Thus, we no longer need to store much fat to survive. When you take so many calories, your body saves them as fuel for rigorous activities. However, we do exert less nowadays since everything seems to be convenient. Our body then keeps on storing those extra calories as fats and then releases them ONLY when there is scarcity of calories in your body. The problem is, not all fats are the same; there are stubborn fats that needs more health individual concern.

Stubborn fats: What are they?
The reason why people cannot continue to lose weight or get flat abs is because of stubborn fats. Many dieters and exercisers do lose body fat on their programs but lose all hopes just before they can get rid of the stubborn fats. Also, age is a factor of getting more deposits of stubborn fats; the older you get the harder you can get rid of these fats. Other factor is crash dieting where people tend to lower their fat intake without exercise. In the long run, the body will crave for more calories and the more fats can accumulate in this process when your body will take its revenge.

Your fat cells have two kinds of receptors, the alpha and beta. To burn fat, your body needs to release the adrenal hormones (adrenaline and noradrenaline). These hormones are responsible to switch on your body and use the fats as energy. Fat cells with beta receptors are active and can respond well with the adrenal hormones. Unfortunately, stubborn fats have less beta receptors than alpha receptors causing your adrenal hormones or the-fat-dissolver-hormones ineffective. Stubborn fats cannot be dissolved by adrenal hormones.

Worse, stubborn fats have more estrogen receptors. These receptors are the ones who cause more build up of stubborn fats.
lifetime health tips for flat abs and weight loss
Diet alone does not work
Slashing some calories everyday does not work. Your body might just have a rebound effect after. The best thing to do is with regards with your exercise and lifestyle. Getting rid of stubborn fats is not as simple as slashing calories of your diet. It has to do with what you do and the kind of lifestyle you have.

Women’s fat cells are five times bigger than men
The reason with this is because of the genetic legacy of women with regards of their child-bearing roles. It is nature’s way of ensuring that women have enough fat cells to grow and breastfeed their babies.

Estrogenic Compounds can make you fat
Estrogen is never bad BUT excess of it is. We get too much estrogenic compounds on the food we eat daily. Estrogen compounds like xenoestrogens that are byproducts of some herbs, fertilizers, plastics, soy isoflavones, and other petroleum products can make you fat. Example, fruits and vegetables treated with fertilizers have xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens enhances the production of estrones that are the main culprit of fat gain in both sexes. Observe some children today especially those that are overweight, they have some feminized features like breast fat.

Solution: Consume anti-estrogenic foods
Your body can manufacture enough estrogen for your needs. Do not let other food add up to the build up which is never necessary. Eat foods that are unprocessed like fruits (grapefruits, oranges, and pineapples), green leafy vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage), ginger, garlic, onions, flaxseed, olive oil, whole oats and barley, nuts, legumes, and salmon since these can detoxify your liver. Refrain from eating chips, junk foods, ready-to-cook foods, and other foods that have a lot of preservatives; these foods can build up more estrogen compounds in your body. All in all, eat organic foods as much as possible.

These health tips give you the idea on how to lose weight and get flat abs. Go to part two for the complete knowledge about these.

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