lifetime health concern on potatoes
Potatoes have their early roots coming from the Andes Mountains near Peru. Records states that it was first domesticated around 3000 – 2000 BC under the Incan Empire. The potatoes nutritional values and easy domestication were the primary factors why they were introduced in Europe. Because of its lifetime health benefits, good source of energy and nutrition, and cheapness, potatoes become one of the staple diets in Europe. From then on until this information age, the popularity and usage of potatoes has grown worldwide.

Potatoes are good sources of calcium, niacin, iron, Vitamin C, and large amount of carbohydrates. Unpeeled potatoes have more nutrients compared to processed ones. However, nowadays we greatly consume greatly processed potatoes like chips, fries, crackers and other forms. Food processing is one of the various reasons why the natural nutrients of foods diminish; the more processing foods undergo, the more nutrients are lost.

In America, a population with an alarming rate of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity turns potatoes into a controversial food. Some Americans consume potatoes or potato products in large quantities which can trigger more problems especially on heart disease and diabetes.

lifetime health concern on potatoes A research study shows that when a potato is eaten and it is mixed with saliva turns the starchy molecules of potatoes into sugars which can easily raise the blood’s sugar level. The health concern of potatoes is that it gives pure glucose to your body. When your blood sugar is high, it triggers chain reactions that include: excretion of insulin from your pancreas to lower the amount of sugar in the blood and releasing of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) to combat large amounts of triglycerides. When this process continues and the body can no longer produce enough insulin, then you will have diabetes. On the other hand, when your body cannot combat the large quantity of triglycerides, then you are at risk of arteriosclerosis or heart disease.

lifetime health concern on potatoesThe problem with potatoes is also true when eating white breads, most kinds of white rice, bagels, and other kinds of processed starch. This is also one of the lifetime health concerns of Asians about their staple food which is rice. If the westerners have problems with their potatoes then Asians have problems with their white rice.

All in all, there is no such thing as to ban the consumption of potatoes and rice. The only guide here is to eat in moderation. It has been said and will be said again: everything taken to the extreme is unhealthy. Eat foods in moderation and balance them with the right exercise, quality sleep, and positive mental attitude. This makes a better lifetime health condition.

Posted by Benjamin Robert Johnson on Friday, February 12, 2010


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