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Stomach areas have the most concentration of our body fats. These body fats are stubborn fats which are more difficult to burn because they do not respond to adrenal hormones – the fat burning hormones. The only solution of burning these stubborn fats is to indulge into whole body workout. Whole body workouts does not make your body fit but it gives you more endurance and stamina for a good lifetime health condition.

Below are some health tips accompanied by a sample 8-minute video that can guide you on the right ab exercises. The ab exercise shown is good for beginners. Other individuals can either increase their repetitions for intermediate ab level training. However, I would suggest that those who want to start with a good ab exercise should begin with this one. Do not proceed to higher levels of ab exercises when you are not well acquainted with this. Now, let us start with the tips:
  • Do ab exercises with an empty stomach. Condition yourself well before the exercise. Do not eat carbohydrates before and during the workout. With an empty stomach, instead of getting the fuel from the food you eat which you do not have any, your body is forced to use body fat as a fuel.
  • Perform a cardio activity before your ab workout. Cardiovascular activities increase your abdominal contractions since they warm up your body to make it a fat-burning engine. These abdominal contractions are also important to maximize the fat and muscle burning sensation in your stomach which makes you sweat more.
  • Always remember to contract and flex your abs when you are doing sets. Bodybuilders make this a common practice since this powerful technique creates good definition to your abs. It really helps a lot.
  • Do not over-rest during the workout exercise. Better to take 30-40 seconds rest in between abdominal exercises. This process strains your abdominals and forces them to create more muscles during rest or recovery.
  • Do not ever forget on your diet. What your abs look like right now is 20% due to exercise and 80% due to your diet or the foods you eat. Eat healthy for greater health benefits.Check this link for your diet: Lifetime health tips diet plans.

Now that you have this in mind, you may now get the health benefits of doing this 8-minute exercise:

Take Note: Take the first step. A journey of a thousand miles began with a single step. Lifetime health benefits of ab exercises can never be attain without doing the first step. Most people fail because their only health concern is tardiness and the urge of not doing it or delaying the workout. Remember, attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference.

Posted by Benjamin Robert Johnson on Sunday, February 28, 2010

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