lifetime health concern health tips flat abs and weight loss
Many individuals – men and women – want to have gorgeous six-pack abs. This is a lifetime health dream of everybody especially on the younger to middle age groups. Well defined abs indicates health, vigor, strength, and even strong sexuality. Great abs is really the sexiest part of a human body. Unfortunately, all people face the hard reality of getting the abs that they want. Some do made 500-1000 sit ups a day but cannot see the abs that they want. Why is it so?

The answer to this question lies on the level of your body fat. 500-1000 sit ups can give you endurance and can really build your abdominals but these muscles cannot show up because your stomach is covered with a large layer of fats. The solution – you must lower your body fats! These body fats are the primary hindrance why you cannot form a good definition in your abdominal areas; this is one of the lifetime health concerns of individuals who are desperate for great abs.

Now that we realized that great health benefits can be found in lowering our body fats for sexier abs. The best method we can use is proper nutrition. Here are some ways on how to burn those fats away from your belly:
  • Great abs are primarily made on what you eat and not on the gym. As what I’ve said, 500-1000 sit ups everyday is a perfect routine but is never a solution for great abs. Your nutrition must be placed in the proper order along with your exercise routine. 
  • Eat approximately 17% below your calorie maintenance level. Keep this balance until you have achieved the best results. To be effective, instead of 3 major meals, eat 5-6 small and healthy meals a day. In this manner, you are always maintaining your healthy sugar level and at the same time maximizing your body’s metabolism to break down the foods you eat. However, be careful not to over-diet yourself. More than 17% below calorie maintenance for an amount of time can give you more food cravings – just stick to the plan and goal.  
    lifetime health concern health tips flat abs and weight loss
  • Be conscious of portions and sizes. Know the portion and size of your meals. Do not overeat. There are individuals who said that they have followed some diet tips on foods but could not just lose fat. Well one individual is just honest to tell me that sometimes he was mistaken in reading the label. The reason why he could not get slimmer is that the diet food label stated that the food is good for 2-3 persons but he is eating them all by himself. Why? Because he is not reading the label! Do not be so foolish; read instructions for any packed diet foods that you have.
  • Eat only the complete sources of high and lean quality of protein. This can be found on fishes, egg whites, lean meat, protein powders, beans, whole wheat breads, and etc. 
  • Choose complex carbs that are found on oatmeals, vegetables, yams, beans, brown rice, whole grains, and fruits. Compose your diets with these kinds of carbs. These are better compared to white breads, white rice, white flour, sweets, and other sweet products. Adding to this, you must eat at most 3 hours before you sleep; in this way, your body can burn fats even in sleep. 
  • Keep unhealthy fats low. As much as possible, avoid transfats and unsaturated fats. Furthermore, your daily diet must only compose of 20% fats coming from the different fats you eat. In this way, you have a lesser health concern on high blood pressures and other heart problems. Choose the good fats found on nuts, seeds, and other fish fats that contain fatty acids that can aid in the fat burning process. 
  • Drink plenty of water. The secret formula is: (Your weight in pounds) x (0.6) = (ounces of water that you need daily). This is the best formula of the amount of water that will give you the best health benefits. However, this may change depending on how active your lifestyle is.
All of these nutrition tips can ensure you of health individual benefits that you can observe within 30 days along with the exercise that you need daily.  Remember, you need to get rid of the fats that cover your ab muscles.

Posted by Benjamin Robert Johnson on Thursday, February 25, 2010


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