Are you into body building? These are the recommended list of fat-burning foods that feeds your muscles and gives you the most valuable resources that your body needs for a lifetime health and fitness commitment. Although, healthy food choices goes into an infinite number but these are staple foods that provides you the foundation of your lifetime health and fitness program. VARIETY is important for good nutrition but these power fat-burning foods that you cannot go wrong with and these are the varieties that you can get back from time to time.

  • Oatmeal. What makes oatmeal so great that virtually even bodybuilders and fitness models eat them in a daily basis? Oatmeal may starchy carbohydrates but it has a nice balance of good fats, carbs, and proteins. A half cup of oatmeal contains 3 grams fat, 27 grams carbs and 5 grams of protein; it has a low glycemic index which is perfect to for getting lean. Choose all-natural oats that you can combine with natural applesauce or cinnamon. NEVER choose flavored or sweetened oatmeal packets. 
  • Yams and sweet potatoes. They are flavorful, all-natural, contain low calories, and are packed with anti-oxidants like beta-carotene. Yams have low glycemic index which are also good for diabetics. Any health concern related to eating yams and sweet potatoes are associated on what you combine with them. Thus, never eat them with calorie dense additives like creams and butter.
  • Potatoes. Potatoes have earned an undesirable reputation in weight loss and lifetime health fitness programs; they contain high glycemic index which means that they can rapidly increase your blood sugar level. However, they can be good sources of carbs when you are in a muscle building program. There is nothing wrong with potatoes, but there is something wrong with how many times we eat them and how we eat them. Never combine with calorie dense creams, butter, or bacon bits.
  • Brown Rice. Brown rice is good for body building, it gives you the calories you need. Always eat them boiled or steamed rather than making them into fried rice.
  • 100% whole wheat and whole grain products. Always choose 100% whole grains. Stay away with anything made from white flour.
  • Green vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, and lettuce. Fibrous carbs are your number one choice for fat burning carbohydrates. Green vegetables, also known as fibrous carbs, hardly contain any calories (they have a low calorie density). It’s virtually impossible to overeat green vegetables since they contain lifetime health benefits. Eat them liberally and eat more of them late in the day. A diet of green vegetables combined with lean proteins is one of the best methods of getting lean as quickly as possible.
  • Fresh fruit. Fresh fruits are the best choices when you go to a fitness program. However, it is not advisable to go into an all fruits diet. Always balance your meals with all the necessary food groups. Fresh fruits contain a lot of nutrients that keeps your body healthy.
  • Skim milk and non-fat dairy products. Before taking them in, you must know if they are “fat free”, skim or 1% low fat milk. Never drink or eat dairy products containing higher doses of fats.
  • Chicken meats and turkey. Chicken and turkey are probably the number one most popular protein sources among bodybuilders and fat loss seekers. Remove the skin and get the light meat found in the breasts. The thighs are higher in fat and calories. Naturally, your poultry should be broiled, grilled, or roasted and not fried. Also, we’re talking about the real bird here, not the sliced lunch meat you find at deli’s or pre-packed in supermarkets. Lunch meats are processed proteins. Some nutritionists call them “fabricated foods” because they are made from a mix and poured into a mold before being cooked and wrapped. While these are acceptable occasionally, don’t make them a staple in your regular daily diet. Lunch meats are loaded with sodium, preservatives, binders, fillers and other nasty chemicals that you don’t want floating around in your body!
  • Egg whites. Egg whites contain 0% fats. Stay away from egg yolks. If you like, you can eat 1 egg yolk for every 6 egg whites but do them rarely.
  • Fish and Shellfish. What most people don’t eat enough of is fish and seafood. By using different types of fish and shellfish as protein sources, you can add an incredible amount of variety as well as getting those valuable good fats for health benefits. Here is just a partial list of fish to consider: salmon, tuna, haddock, flounder, mackerel, trout, snapper, sea bass, swordfish, mahi mahi, perch, orange roughy, sole, Halibut, herring cod and catfish.
  • Lean Red Meat. Bodybuilders are quite famous for loving their red meat. Many bodybuilders believe that red meat helps muscle growth, and there may be much truth in that statement. Red meat is high in protein, B-12, iron and creatine. The problem with most cuts of red meat is the high fat content. However, not all cuts of red meat are the same. It’s a mistake to label the entire red meat category as a no-no because of high fat content. If you carefully choose the leanest cuts possible and keep your portion sizes small, red meat can be a great addition to a fat burning program. For example, a 6 oz serving of lean, trimmed top round steak has only 9 grams of fat, while a 6 oz of untrimmed porterhouse has 37 grams of fat (and the 18 oz porterhouse you’re often served in a steak house has over 100 grams of fat!)
All these foods helped you pumped up the muscles that you want to gain. It makes you beefy and gives you better muscularity, makes you a head turner and gives you more confidence. Plus, it improves your lifetime health condition.

Posted by Benjamin Robert Johnson on Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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  2. Fruits rich in vitamin C, lime, lemons, oranges, grapefruits and tangerines have fat burning properties. Some of the other fat burning foods are asparagus, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, apple, blueberry, and watermelon. It will eat these foods, burn fat and exercise, it stimulates the metabolism and burn calories faster, even several hours after exercise.


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